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Chances are, the exact location of your last bank statement has long slipped your mind. And chances are, you probably won't give it another thought until you actually need it. It's time to go paperless!

Online statements are available quicker than by mail, plus they eliminate paper waste as well as reduce the chance for fraudsters to access your statements from your mailbox. Simplify your life by signing up for E-Statements today.

To get started on going paperless call us at 937-866-2455 or by requesting more info.

  • Save paper
  • Fast, free, and easy alternative to paper statements
  • Easier to retrieve info when needed
  • Eliminate a paper trail
  • Reduce chances of fraud and identity theft
  • Arrive faster than paper statements
  • Simplify recordkeeping for your business
  • Easily access past statements
  • Ability to download for permanent storage or print if needed

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