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The homeownership savings linked deposit program, operating under the name Ohio Homebuyer Plus Program, was created by Ohio House Bill 33 of the 135th General Assembly. Ohio Homebuyer Plus Program allows the Ohio Treasurer (Treasurer’s office) to establish a savings linked deposit program for eligible Ohioans to make available premium savings accounts to accumulate the financial resources needed for the down payment and closing costs associated with the purchase of a Home. Ohio Homebuyer Plus Program provides above market interest rates on tax-advantaged special purpose individual savings accounts. An eligible saver (Saver) can save up to an account maximum of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) over a maximum period of five (5) consecutive years.

Savings account for up to five years

Money in account must be used as primary residence downpayment

Must be Ohio resident and home must be purchased in Ohio

$100,000 max in total account balance

Savings contributions provide tax benefits for Ohio taxpayers

FM rate is 5.09% (adjusts quarterly as set by State of Ohio)

One account per soc sec number

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