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Investing in F&M Bancorp

Corporate Profile

Established in 1983, F&M Bancorp wholly owns its subsidiary, Farmers & Merchants Bank. The Bank was founded in 1923 by concerned citizens and business professionals who recognized the need for a locally owned and managed community bank. These visionary leaders sought to form a bank that made decisions based on the benefit to the local community and shareholders. Since then, Farmers & Merchants Bank has grown significantly with five offices serving our communities in New Lebanon, Miamisburg, West Carrollton, Germantown, and Springboro.

F&M Bancorp Stock Ownership

Over the years, many local families have agreed with the founding principles of Farmers & Merchants Bank, and have invested in F&M Bancorp by purchasing shares of stock. Through the decades, this ownership has been passed down to their children and other local families. From time to time, limited shares of F&M Bancorp stock become available for purchase. We would like to offer you the same opportunity and benefits of stock ownership that many community members have enjoyed since 1923.


The Bank engages primarily in the business of attracting deposits from the public and using such funds to originate commercial business loans, real estate loans and secured consumer loans such as home equity lines of credit, automobile loans and recreational vehicle loans. The Bank retains all loans for inclusion in its loan portfolio. The Bank invests back into the communities it serves through many charitable donations.


The Bank has benefited greatly from the consumer's increased desire to begin and grow banking relationships with local financial institutions. We expect this trend will continue as more and more people become frustrated with expensive fees and the impersonal customer service approach of the large corporate banks. Farmers & Merchants Bank is one of only a few community banks with headquarters in Montgomery County, Ohio. We have stood the test of time and we remain committed to the communities we serve. We believe we'll continue to experience growth as individuals and business owners discover our personal approach to banking.


Through the most recent economic downturn and "banking crisis", Farmers & Merchants Bank has remained profitable. The Bank did not take part in the federal bank bailout program. During this period while many large banks drastically cut or eliminated their cash dividend, F&M Bancorp continued to pay its quarterly dividend. Since F&M Bancorp's first dividend payment in 1983, the Bancorp has always paid its cash dividend. The stock's book value and ask price have consistently and steadily grown over the years.

Message from the Chairman

Community bank stock offers one of the best investment options to reap a financial return without the volatility contained in the major markets. Well managed community banks can earn excellent rates of return on their shareholder's equity. This is in addition to the investment's compounding return and the tax deferred treatment of gains. It has provided many bank shareholders a worthwhile investment over the years. I would be happy to provide the Bancorp's most recent financial statements to you upon request. As limited shares of F&M Bancorp stock become available for purchase, please consider becoming a shareholder, and join me as an owner of F&M Bancorp.

Shon B. Myers
Chairman, President & CEO, F&M Bancorp  

Interested in becoming a shareholder?                                                                   

Please contact Community Banc Investments, Inc. at 1-800-224-1013 or Farmers & Merchants Bank at 937-866-2455. 

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